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LED Tubular Light(PC)

IP69K, IP67, IK10 LED Tubular Light made by PC and INOX 304L or 316L

LED Tubular Light (PMMA)

IP69K,IP67 Gas-proof , impact resistance. Anti-ammonia and Sulphur vapours.

Product model

K2 series-?80mm


LED Modular Panel Light

LED Modular and secondary optical design, avoids the light hurt eyes and easy for replace the light source.

Product model

PN series

PG series


LED Panel light

Replace traditional commercial fluorescent T8 tube lights.

Product model

C series

H series


LED Tri-Proof Light

LED Tri-Proof Light means water proof, dust-proof, explosion proof.

LED High Bay Light

UFO High Bay light is widely used in different?industrial?and commercial area.

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